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  • BENEFITS OF ASTABERRY PAPAYA FACIAL KIT: Remove blemishes, dark spots, acne marks and sunspots from your face. This mini facial kit evens your skin tone so you look young, beautiful and radiant.
  • INGREDIENTS: Astaberry Papaya Facial Kit made with Papaya Extract, Sandal Powder, Cocoa Butter, Almond Oil will give you a long-lasting radiance.
  • INCLUDES: Astaberry Papaya Facial Kit contains a cleanser, scrub, creme, pack and serum.
  • Follow 6 steps for best results: 1. Wash your face and neck and apply a cleanser for a few minutes. 2. Apply Astaberry scrub with fingertips for at least 5-7 minutes. 3. Apply Gel all over the face & neck. After 1 minute massage gently for few minutes in an upward circular motion. 4. Wait for 2 minutes then apply creme. Massage for 7-10 minutes. 5. Apply the thick layer of mask on the face and neck. Leave for 8 -10 and wash when it's semi-dry. 6. Apply serum for glowing skin.
  • GIVES SOFT AND SUPPLE SKIN: This papaya facial kit helps to nourish the skin thoroughly to impart smoothness, softness and suppleness making the skin clear.
  • FACIAL KIT FOR PIGMENTATION: This skincare kit for radiant skin is enriched with natural ingredients that help to reduce pigmentation and give a spot-free texture.

Astaberry Papaya Facial Kit 12 Pouch Set (6 Steps) 432g

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