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  •  Prepare wax to moderate temperature and molten consistency. Calm the skin by using the pre-wax cleanser to remove any kind of oil or lotion. Apply a very thin layer of wax in a small patch directly on skin using applicator and pull it back. Apply lavender post wax cleanser at the end. O3+ Aloe Vera Pre Wax Cleanser - 10ml (10 Pcs) O3+ Aloe Vera Pre Wax Cleanser is used to remove all traces of oil, perspiration and bacteria to give you a hassle free and hygienic waxing experience. Aloe vera extracts soothe skin irritation, damage and redness, making the waxing experience pleasant and pain free. HOW TO USE: Gently massage the waxing area for 2 minutes before using the wax. O3+ Lavender Post Wax Cleanser - 10ml (10 Pcs) Enriched with anti-inflammatory Lavender, O3+ Post Waxing Cleanser reduces irritation and redness on the skin and provides the much needed soothing and antiseptic relief. This gel works as an instant soother that helps to cool and refresh the skin after waxing. HOW TO USE: Gently massage the waxing area for 2 minutes after using the wax. O3+ Face & Body Wax Applicator (50 Pcs) High-quality organic wooden applicators for flawless application of wax on small areas. Great for facial hair as well. Easy to use wooden applicator Works well on any part of the body Can be used on face as well HOW TO USE: Use it for applying the wax on the face, body.

BEAN WAX (100g) All Skin Type

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