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  • O3+ Brazilian Chocolate Peel Off Wax has a unique formulation enriched with chocolate to remove hair while nourishing, moisturizing and evening out the skin tone. The thin application allows for much quicker drying time in comparison to conventional ‘hard’ waxes. This no-strip wax for both face and body allows for a much easier at-home waxing experience. It is ideal for sensitive areas as it even calms the skin.


  •   Strip-less peel off wax that effortlessly removes face and body hair
  •   Enriched with the goodness of chocolate that does not dry out the skin
  • How To Use :

  •   Heat the wax for 2-3 minutes in a glass bowl in a microwave or by the double boiler method.
  •   Now, apply a thick layer on the hair area for a few seconds and instantly remove it.
  •   Notice the hair on the wax and wax.
  •   Quick and pain-free method of hair removal
  •   No need to use strips as it easily peels off
  •   Can be heated in a wax heater or double boiling method
  •   Suitable for even sensitive areas

Brazilian Wax (330g) All Skin Type

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