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  • O3+ Meladerm D-Tan Cleanser (5gm)- It is an anti-tan cleanser which deep cleanses & gives it instant glow. This wash is normally used as a pre-cleanser during facial activities because it moisturizes and brightens the skin in just 2 minutes.
  • O3+ Meladerm Peel Scrub (5gm)- This Meladerm peel scrub is a professional skin treatment that deeply exfoliates the skin by removing dead skin cells & deep tan with the help of micro granules. It is a mild scrub that gently exfoliates during the facial treatment by giving the maximum results.
  • O3+ Dermamelan Massage Cream (5gm)- This cream is a complete treat for skin as it helps in brightening while protecting it from further sun tan. It is suitable for normal to oily skin type as it light weight cream which gently moisturises the skin by giving it oil-free look. Apply 10-15 minutes before exposure to the sun to prevent the skin from suntan. It is formulated in Italy and recommended by salons worldwide.
  • O3+ Bilberries Mould Mask (30gm)- A unique peel off mask infused with active ingredients derived from natural botanical extracts and essential natural vitamins. This peel-off mask helps to restore skin's Radiant & glow by giving the tan free complexion with its unique botanical formula that clears-off dirt, tightens pores.

D-Tan Facial Normal to Oily Skin

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