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  • O3+ Sea White Facial Single Dose Kit is an absolute treat for dull oily, acne-prone skin. This facial kit balances oil, prevents future acne, purifies the skin while brightening and boosting glow. This kit is an ideal solution for all skin types, specially designed for normal to oily skin, to let them have a flawless and seamless texture along with brightening benefits. It illuminates radiance on dull skin with the goodness of glycolic acid, seaweed and marine plants that help in naturally purifying dull, tired skin. Single-use facial kit.


    This kit contains:

  • O3+ Glycolic Acid Wash (5g): O3+ Glycolic Acid Face Wash helps in exfoliating skin cells by breaking down the lipids. An excellent product to exfoliate skin without the risk of increased sensitivity. This product provides instant brightening benefits to the skin.
  • O3+ Micro Derma Brasion Facial Peel (5g): This microdermabrasion peel is a professional skin treatment peel that helps in removing the dead cells with the help of micro granules, aluminium oxide crystals. It acts as a mild scrub that helps in exfoliating skin during a facial treatment while removing blackheads, whiteheads and minimizing pores.
  • O3+ Seaweed Massage Cream (5g): O3+ Seaweed Purifying Massage Cream infuses the skin with a "diet" of minerals and vitamins achieved from deep-sea plants. Moreover, this cream nourishes and smoothes fine lines while brightening the skin and controlling excess oil.

    About the Brand: India's leading number 1 professional skincare brand, O3+ introduces the Plunge USA skin care and cosmetic range. Innovative and playful, these high quality American skin care and cosmetic products combine natural ingredients with playful twists, but no harsh chemicals and parabens.

  • O3+ Sea White Peel Off Mask (30g): Enriched with ginseng root extract and algae extract, this peel-off mask will give an instant soothing and brightening effect. You can use this peel-off mask will reveal beautiful, glowing skin while clarifying and detoxifying it from deep within.

Sea White Facial Brightening Normal to Oily Skin

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