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Biosoft’s Lavender Pre-Wax Gel prepares the skin for depilation. Along with a very exotic fragrance, it also has ingredients that are beneficial for the skin. Lavender Oil in this product gently prepares the skin and assures easy depilation. With great cleansing benefits, this pre-wax gel helps to remove all traces of perspiration and bacteria from the skin, ensuring protection and perfect condition for effective waxing.

Our Pre-wax Gels are enriched with natural extracts and help to hydrate and cleanse the skin. It removes traces of impurities, dirt and oils from the skin improving the adherence of the wax. It also rejuvenates the skin from within. Our products are designed to cleanse and prepare the skin before depilation to make sure the oils of the skin and other elements don't interfere with the working of the wax. They are available in four variants. They are made in Italy.

Biosoft PreWax Gel - Aloe Vera

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