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The new Opti.Straight straightening cream by MATRIX has been developed keeping in mind various internal surveys done by MATRIX that revealed that majority of consumers were scared of straightening due to fear of damaging their hair. The new NATURAL-SOFT STRAIGHT SERVICE is simple and easy, and features the unique Auto-Control Technology that prevents hair breakage. Traditional straightening methods, available in the market are Thio based molecules which alter bonds of the hair so the hair’s shape can be altered. This can lead to more breakage than necessary if hair is over processed. MATRIX’s NATURAL-SOFT STRAIGHT SERVICE activates Di-Thio molecules that provide additional support by creating a bridge in the hair to help support the hair bonds when they are being realigned during the straightening process. This Auto-control technology stops straightening the minute a natural straight look is achieved.

    Matrix Opti Straight Ressistant

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