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Beauty Garage Professional X-Straight Shampoo & Conditioner is infused with keratin smooth and macadamia seed oil to provide straight and smooth hair.

Macadamia oil fatty acid helps in adding shine, strengthening and nourish the hair follicles, which further fights hair loss and brittle strands.

The products are used by professionals as it smoothen the hair up to 100% and calms frizzy hair, tangles and dullness.


X-Straight Keratin Smooth

  • Wash hair twice with Beauty Garage Clarifying Shampoo to open hair cuticles. Rinse and then blow-dry, brush hair with medium heat until it is completely dry. Make 4 sections start applying treatment from bottom of back section, about 1cm from the root, use fine comb to spread the product evenly to the tips. leave solution on hair (virgin hair 45 minutes dry damage hair 30 minutes) Blow dry hair 100% (yes while the product is on hair) using medium heat. Make 4 sections again and blow hair with round brush section by section. Next step use professional flat iron at between 450-470°f / 210-232°C (for fine, brittle or blonde, bleached hair use temp of 400-41°F) to straighten the hair in combination with a Heat resistance comb. Take thin sections and repeat every section for 10-12 times. After iron wash your hair on same day if desired or after 3 days with Bg Keratin Smooth Daily Shampoo & Conditioner after treatment is complete.

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